Singing workshops

I have been interested in traditional music since 2005, when I first heard natural, unrestricted, loud and meaningful singing. It amazed me. Since then I have been learning singing from rural singers, listening to archival recordings and taking part in various singing workshops.

For several years I have been going regularly to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Serbia in search of forgotten melodies and stories.

I bring from these expeditions a lot of impressions and experiences that I feel a need to share. I love to conduct voice workshops and singing meetings. Participants learn the so-called technique of open or natural voice, we practice the correct body posture while singing, deepen the technique of proper breathing while singing, we listen to archival recordings, analyze them with particular focus on the regional style, the method of sound production, the use of resonators, individual performance manner, ornamentation, melismatics and other components that create a unique sound of songs. During the workshops, we also have time to discuss the cultural context of the songs- we tell each other about the traditions and rituals of a particular village / region.

It is a very important time for me to participate, build relationships, create a given situation, assist participants in their individual development. I am very grateful that I can be a witness and companion of their path.

I permanently run one singing group in Warsaw and occasionally one-, two- or three days – workshops in various Polish cities.