The Golden Thousand

Everything has started by my fascination of deep, dark, mysterious tone of a voice that I heard from an old magnetic tape. The sound quality left much to be desired, but already there I was intrigued. I did not know who was singing. I could only recognize that it was an elder person – through not clear delivery, hoarse voice, natural slow tempo of singing, delicate rustlings. I thought that it must have been an old recording and that the person on it was someone special, incredibly interesting, strong in spirit, in a sense – wild, uncontrollable. Something unbelievable to sing like this – use such intervals, not be afraid of glissand, whispers, scratches, rich melismatic. And above all, to bring out the sound in such a way – as if from the depths of yourself. He’s an extremely brave person, I thought. It was all heard in just a few verses of the song. It was the voice of Stanisław Brzozowy, and my fascination with his music has been going on for over a decade. With each subsequent listening, I “catch” more flavors – overstatement, understatement, hesitation, stalling, etc. I happily met two great musicians who accompany me in this search and discovery of new sounds. The band’s name comes from one mysterious verse of the song – you can catch it during the concert.

About members of the band:

Robin Hayward – since 1991 when he finished his studies in Manchester, he is an active performer of experimental, contemporary music. He is passionate with a subject of microtonal tuba – created an interface Hayward Tuning Vine and Microtonal Tuba.


Sebastien Beliah – double bass player, member of artistic collective in Paris – Umlaut. Plays contemporary and improvised music as well as jazz.


The sound of Brzozowy’s songs is dark, mysterious, full of tension. The voice, double bass and tuba complement each other in this sound.


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