The Sekunda Mała

The Sekunda Mała duo performs two-voice and monophonic songs taken from the vocal traditions of various regions of Serbia, in which Bosnian and Macedonian influences also appear. In two-voice Serbian songs, usually one voice leads the melody, and the other almost stands still, holding the burdon accompanying the melody. The diverse Serbian repertoire abounds in surprising harmonics for the Polish listener – from the fifth to the minor second. It is the dissonances that appear in some songs that distinguish the Serbian polyphony against the background of Ukrainian and Russian polyphony. During the concert, dark, disturbing sounds accompanying former rituals are intertwined with lighter love songs. In addition to the repertoire typical of rural areas, you can also hear examples of the urban singing tradition.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the various shades of Serbia’s vocal traditions performed by the Sekunda Mała duo.


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