Stanisław Brzozowy Songs

Stanisław Brzozowy (1901-1980)

He was an amazing singer from Kurpie region (north-east part of Poland) with a rich repertoire of religious and secular songs. During his life, he did not receive enough appreciation for his skills. He was known as a local singer for funerals or a person that sings all day long while working. However, he never performed for the music festivals, reviews, displays. He continued the musical traditions of Kurpie carrying songs of his father Leon – as well a great singer. As a child, Brzozowy, used to participate in weddings, so he took over typical traditional female repertoire. He has got his succesors out of his daughters. His performing style is unique – apart from characteristic elements of Kurpie region singing (using thoracic resonator, whispering pickup, using glissand, strong dialect), it contains unique elements of individual style (rich melismatics, apokopa, musical improvisation, ornamentation and the specific ending of musical phrases described as “kulasiki”). Therefore, the repertoire of this singer provides a very interesting material for work, which I have been working on for few years already.

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