Z lasu (From the Woods)

Z LASU (From Woods) is a Polish vocal ensemble, that sings traditional songs from the Ukrainian and Belorussian parts of Polissia. Its members have long experience with traditional music and have sung together since 2008. They travelled to Polissia looking for old songs and traces of archaic culture. They got in contact with older residents of the villages, recorded their songs and learnt to sing them. The idea to form an ensemble came from Jagna Knittel in the course of projects implemented by Cultural Panorama Society in Polissia in 2008.

Singers: Maniucha Bikont, Julita Charytoniuk, Joanna Gancarczyk, Ewa Grochowska, Anna Jakowska, Jagna Knittel, Olga Kozieł, Karolina Podrucka.

The ensemble released record “Women’s Voices”

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